Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Myspace: the game

Characteristics of MySpace (good or bad):
  • Bad colour clash and generic template pages
  • Incrementalism. Collect things.
  • Rate things. Rankings - top 10s
  • Egotistical - add me! Vanity. Look at me! I am the best!
  • Makes people lazy - can't be bothered to go to meet them/phone them
  • Populated by children who use this as an extension of real life - cyber bullying
  • Waste of time. Addictive.
  • Slow loading times - crummy third party Javascript and Flash
  • Security problems - identity theft
Sourcepoints (warning: strong and/or nerd language follows) :
a. Listing and cataloguing your already existing friends, as to create such riveting conversations like, "Hay why haven't you added me yet?" These conversations don't limit themselves to the internet either, people actually talk about this shit in real life. There is something inherently sad about that.

b. Meeting random people to list as your "Friends." For f**k's sake, do you really need the internet to meet people? Especially those with a name like xXforbidDEn___aDdictionXx? There's a reason these people are on the internet and not hanging out with all the kewl friends that they have.

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