Sunday, 23 March 2008

MyPlace Land: Work In Progress

I'm thinking of applying this game to the publication brief: video game mapping. I might not be able to finish it in two weeks, however so I may need some sort of backup plan.

Some of the graphics are lifted from Zelda 3 whilst some, such as the sprites, are hand created. The above screen is the starting room in the game and thus far is the only one I have anywhere near completion. I'm going to base the map around a long street with a number of different rooms a bit like Zelda 2's houses.

I think things will have to be modified to fit the time limit: getting health from the computer idea is binned (for now) and only the friends (lives?) and score (score) ideas remain.

One other problem: the physical size of the game could potentially be massive in modern terms. It's already 30Mb and only the first room is done! At this rate it could end upwards of 200Mb meaning it would be a CD only game - no embedding into web pages.

To do:
  • Create box art, packaging and distinctive graphics (purple, MySpace based). Apply to the game - make it more 'social networking' based.
  • Change wavs to mp3s and see if the file size is reduced.
And an idea for another game:
  • Teletext maze game. Simple beat the clock, Pacman 'avoid enemies' style.

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