Tuesday, 29 January 2008


  • Unconventional advertising in conventional places. And/or the other way round. Some very good inventive pieces of guerrillas marketing and advertising. I particularly like the 'smoker's maze' and the job ads (right).
  • The above found via Design Observer, which is regularly updated with design and multimedia related stuff.
  • Coudal Partners. Similar to above.
  • Cory Arcangel lecture on some of his work. Interesting to hear how the Andy Warhol game (now sadly removed from YouTube) arose from the fact that most pop icons are difficult to render on a 32 by 52 px canvas. Hence the other characters - the Pope and Flava Flav as well as Colonel Saunders. Very interesting.
  • Web design usability. Useful page which acts as a reference for web page designers. It's gonna take years to digest all that!

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