Sunday, 27 January 2008

Ideas for a website

If the real life MySpace idea were to be a major project, it would encompass a whole spectrum of technologies and marketing techniques:
  • Humorous posters/banner ad campaign - physical and online presence
  • 'Shop' part of the site with t-shirts, mugs and other merchandise
  • Something with videos to cover the vlogging side - YouTube
  • Blog. Combine with website?
This would, of course, be applied to the WYBMF? branding.

1 comment:

fritz said...

I have been getting ramped up to release a slew of materials from a fake band (including music, video and printed material.
I think you are right on target with this. the need is out there. Look at how much fervor was created by the ARGs of Lost, AI and NIN. Viral marketing that is underground can also be just for fun (I'm not interested in trying to sell anything).

I like your sense of humor throughout your site. Let me know if you'd like to collaborate.