Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Around Hope St - Photography

I don't do much photography as I suck at it. However here's a few little photographs that might spark something for a future project.

A new Illarterate website

Been getting back to the issue of the personal website. I'm going to try and get this sorted within the next week or so and I've been working on some possible layouts. It's going to be a long process though and I'm thinking of re-using some of the Hit Enter aesthetics, only slightly more simplified. Not yet decided on logos and links bar but I think I would rather keep it basic. Some options are shown above but I'll work on this more tomorrow.

Another idea is to use the side of a dusty van complete with links drawn in the dirt. Not got very far with this idea yet but when I find a suitable van I'll give it a go maybe.

Looks OK but might be a bit cheesy, especially since the 'hand drawn graffiti' bits were actually done with a mouse in Photoshop. I've got some more van photos I might post later.

Finally, some links:
  • Past portfolios from this course. What I'm up against.
  • Colour scheme generator. I didn't use it because it's mostly useless. Nevertheless it's fun. The site might be worth a bit of exploration too.
  • Uni Qlo. Never heard of them before but their grid is quite fun. I like how it's integrated with the store so you can buy t shirts with your designs. At least that's what I can gather.

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Damb spellchecker


  • Unconventional advertising in conventional places. And/or the other way round. Some very good inventive pieces of guerrillas marketing and advertising. I particularly like the 'smoker's maze' and the job ads (right).
  • The above found via Design Observer, which is regularly updated with design and multimedia related stuff.
  • Coudal Partners. Similar to above.
  • Cory Arcangel lecture on some of his work. Interesting to hear how the Andy Warhol game (now sadly removed from YouTube) arose from the fact that most pop icons are difficult to render on a 32 by 52 px canvas. Hence the other characters - the Pope and Flava Flav as well as Colonel Saunders. Very interesting.
  • Web design usability. Useful page which acts as a reference for web page designers. It's gonna take years to digest all that!

Monday, 28 January 2008

Links - Jodi and early web

Early web

Sunday, 27 January 2008

Ideas for a website

If the real life MySpace idea were to be a major project, it would encompass a whole spectrum of technologies and marketing techniques:
  • Humorous posters/banner ad campaign - physical and online presence
  • 'Shop' part of the site with t-shirts, mugs and other merchandise
  • Something with videos to cover the vlogging side - YouTube
  • Blog. Combine with website?
This would, of course, be applied to the WYBMF? branding.

Friday, 25 January 2008

Some misc. links

Thursday, 24 January 2008

A real life MySpace?

Following up an idea from last year in which I attempt to get as many friends as possible on MySpace within a period of time, why not twist it so that I don't actually have a MySpace page? This would involve a 'real life' attempt to 'collect friends' in the same way a MySpace user would. For example, I would simply approach someone and ask them to 'be my friend'. They don't have to do anything else, just go on my list of friends and add to my friend counter!

Some possible titles for the project would be "Will You Be My Friend?" and "MeSpace".

As a development from this, I could apply the idea to other websites, bringing them into 'real life' - what would their physical world equivalents be?
  • Blogger - soapboxing. Preaching in the streets. Doing it every day at the same time.
  • Facebook - going round collecting photographs of people.
  • Flickr - going round asking people to look at their photos/displaying my own photos.
I'm sure there's some potential in going round pubs and speaking in text language, if the person doing it were not me. All of the above could merge into one, a real life website for the 21st century. I like this idea of bridging the online and physical worlds.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008


Selection of videos from which I will make up my DYSTT showing.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

MTV Virus

Since the MTV Virus brief is open, there are lots of other people doing it also. This guy's a lot better than me at computer design type stuff and his videos are pretty good as well:

I want to get my videos uploaded to YouTube at some point - I've already got an account set up for it - but I'm having problems with synching at the moment. Gah.

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Making whiteboard Pong - a YouTube guide

Found this on YouTube:

It was added before I did my project but it seems this was made using some specialist equipment I can't work out...