Thursday, 29 November 2007

MTV 'Retro' series

I've set myself a week to finish the Virus project, I want to get it done by Thursday or Friday, giving myself a day or two to work on the Probe and Shrinking Cities projects a bit more. I anticipate these will take a few days only so it's no big deal if I can only get this project sorted for Friday.

Project elements
  • Pong. I will either clean up the viral and record it or pursue the interactive element. Maybe both, if I have time.
  • Space Invaders (Space Invades!) The Flash animation is coming along nicely and I'll continue to work on it.
  • Breakout. This will be a whiteboard animation involving an office situation and post t notes as breakout blocks. I want to get this sorted on Friday, if possible.
This will make a nice series of three animations/2 anims and an interactive piece. Should the whiteboard anim fail I will pursue both the interactive and video Pong elements.

Two of the stings are currently around 30 seconds. A bit long for a sting, I would say. In addition, the Breakout one will need to be fairly long, I will aim for 30 seconds for that too in order to achieve some consistency.

I envisage these to be buffering stings/ads on the MTV Overdrive site. They could also be good for general web promotion, YouTube etc. Dunno about TV quality though, might not be good enough for that.

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