Thursday, 1 November 2007

Graphs and statistics

To compliment the forms, some method of presenting the results would be good. Graphs would be a great way of doing this, even if not many of the questions on the form are actually quantitative. I'd be bending the rules a bit with this but I suppose with parody you can get away with that sort of thing. Above is a series of tests made in Photoshop and Microsoft Excel to see what kind of presentation might work.

I like the idea of questionnaires providing humour. Whenever I try to complete one I always get bored and become tempted to write silly answers. Imagine if a whole town did this and you will begin to understand what I am trying to present. The idea actually came from looking at some of the statistics on the National Statistics website. Why not spice up a fairly boring presentation method with a bit of irreverence?

I'm working on some inventive occupations which could also be presented in this manner. The graphs could be reproduced for the web, print or other media, depending on what I decide to do. It would be good to design some pages from the Liverpool Migration Board which this data and some of the other ideas can be presented in - it could bring the work together under one umbrella, if you like. One of the pages could be 'Under Construction because the webmaster has permanently moved to Barbados' or something.

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