Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Which brief?

I have spent the day exploring the briefs a bit and can honestly say I still don't know which I am going to choose. I have pretty much ruled out the Turner Prize brief but not completely yet. Initially my gut instinct told me to go with the e-marketing brief but I would like to do something different. If I were to choose the Elevator brief I would want to produce something a little bit out of the ordinary in order to make the project successful. The Shrinking Cities brief is more open and would offer scope to develop things but I would have to speak with tutors about the rigidity of the outcome.

Tomorrow I will explore in detail the briefs, looking at some initial ideas and reference points and generate initial ideas, if not for final outcomes then for concepts. This will begin by looking at some of the keywords proposed by the briefs and the potential for expansion on them.

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