Friday, 12 October 2007

Pursuing the 3d environment idea

With less than a week to go, decided that it was time to pick something, and from the tests I felt that the pseudo-3D environment idea would be challenging and fun. I see this as an embedded Flash file within a HTML page on which some minimal information about the shop is present, including the logo and the physical location of the shop. The Flash file itself will be a navigation tool for the rest of the site, offering access to information about the store, a taster of some of the music on sale and a flyer wall, where people can post their own messages and images. Still working out how best to do this yet.

I feel that presentation will be important here even though there is inevitably some experimentation. Some things are working well - such as the wall and the rollovers, others less so.

Experimented also with photostitching to get a panoramic view of the store. This could maybe be applied to a Quicktime VR and added for an extra element of realism, but there is little room for interactivity apart from the scrolling around. Considered how I might implement this in Flash- perhaps a real-image version of the above mentioned and explored idea would come across as more 'human', an important factor in promoting a local independent store.

Other stuff

Other small ideas based on these developments include a game involving the store - you are the store owner and robbers/mp3 playing teenagers must be shot with records or something. Dunno about that last one, though, could alienate a potential market. At least at some small level I could include flicking rolled up bits of paper at the shop owner to wake him up.

Also, my pseudo 3D mockup heavily resembles the video game Doom, a first person shooter for the PC. I am aware that the game is so popular there are mods that allow the player to create custom environments within the game, reskinning walls and weapons etc. such as in this example with Bill Gates. This would be something fun to explore and possibly actually create - perhaps this could be turned into a Quicktime VR environment? I will perhaps explore this further.

There are also comparisons to Second Life. The possibility of creating one's own environments means this is also something I could explore - apparently Liverpool is the second biggest city in the game world even though its appearance is nothing like the real Liverpool - Sefton Park is right next to the Liver building.

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