Thursday, 25 October 2007

Probe aesthetic, briefly revisited

One aspect of the Probe project I think is a bit underdeveloped is the aesthetic. I will continue to work on this as time goes on but today I mocked up another possible layout, an extension of the aesthetic used in the introduction page of the interactive environment:

It's not perfect but it's another idea for a layout. Some aspects are working well, such as the new method of presenting information within the Flash movie (in this case the music). Others, like the buttons at the top, may need a bit more work, I think. Still, the more variations I produce the better the outcome, I suppose. In this particular one, I have attempted to keep some simplicity whilst introducing a text based link system that would serve as a quick reference guide for those who do not wish to navigate/explore the environment. I think I still want to keep the chat function though I may consider bringing this into the HTML coding.

It would be good to produce a couple more of these, perhaps refining what I have. In addition, I want to get some mockups for HTML pages and their linkage with the Flash piece. In other words, I need to think through some of the aspects a bit more. Hopefully then I will be able to present a pitch for the website within my portfolio which will most likely be a series of A4 sheets. Those current presentation sheets need some work.

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