Wednesday, 26 September 2007

More locations

Had a bit of a walk round a few shops in Liverpool this morning and took some photos. Selected them mainly on interesting shop fronts and the products they sell but I planned to go to a few locations anyway.

Smoothie Revolution

A small bar with a green colour scheme. I would generally agree with this choice and think it works - it's the colour generally associated with health food and the apple is an extension of this. I don't quite understand the cross, though - maybe a reference to political revolutions?

The exterior, it seems to me, is one of the most 'modern' in Liverpool. This isn't exactly a compliment but it does stand out from the rows of bog-standard chippies and take-aways along the road.

They don't have a website which is maybe where they are missing out. It's the chance to tout their wares and boast about exactly how healthy they are compared to McDonalds. An Internet presence could really see the franchise take off - this is where I would come in. Virals and advertising could be useful for Smoothie Revolution.

Hairy Records

Tried here before Probe but it was closed at the time, so I couldn't get a good look round. Good little cartoon and show font stands out but the sign itself is a bit faded.

There's actually a video featuring the interior of this shop on YouTube. It doesn't have as many posters and stickers and things and is a lot larger than Probe but that doesn't mean it hasn't got an identity. Looks a bit more commercial and straight-laced, less 'punk'.

Again, no website, but then it is only a small business. Some scope with the existing shop front iconography/typography and maybe the chance to produce a 'straighter' website that isn't as messy.

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