Thursday, 20 December 2007

Whiteboard Arcade

I have developed, with the help of this tutorial, a simple Snake game. It isn't great as yet but the basics are there and it's quite addictive once you get into it.

Snake and the other two games I have been working on are now available to play at my website at the new 'Whiteboard Arcade' section. Note that it might take a while to load or not load at all if you have Flash disabled.

Edit: I can only get it working in IE at the moment. Patience. Here's a (working) link to the Office Pong game for now.

Decided to group the Flash games under this umbrella and remove the 'MTV' bits from the Pong game. I wanted a chance to clean it up, really and this was a good way of recontextualising it.
  • Wikipedia entry on Snake. I didn't know this game was so old.

Useful Flash websites

Some good Actionscript/tutorial sites I used when researching code for the Whiteboard Arcade project:

An interface

I have devised a simple menu navigation system to help organise and present the work I have produced in the first semester. It isn't brilliant but it will suffice for just the CD presentation. Maybe another future project would be to produce the cover for this and further to that a DVD with some of the motion graphics I have produced in the first semester:
  • Telegiffer and Teletext is Dead
  • A Call to the LMB
  • MTV stings
  • Screenshots from other projects
I will probably not use this design for my portfoilo website but it has helped me to organise the files. Total size is approximately 500Mb.

Office Pong

The Office Pong idea has been refined and the graphics redone to look more 'clean' and not MTV-related. This can perhaps set a precedent for more whiteboard games to create a whole series of them as a spin off from the MTV project. After all, the 'virus' link has become more tenuous with this aspect of the project.

Tuesday, 18 December 2007


Been looking at more possibilities for the whiteboard aesthetic, including some more games. Managed to find a tutorial for Breakout! which I have applied the whiteboard idea to (right).

The game is not as detailed and involved as the Pong game but it would perhaps be an idea to produce a few more of these games that could keep you occupied for a minute or two. Alright for some one-day projects.

For now this will be grouped under the MTV project and will probably stay that way. Although I wanted these to maybe be separate projects they have been attached to the Virus idea and in a way are a bit of an evolution of it.

MTV Interface

Been doing some visuals for a navigation interface for the MTV project. This is going to be the biggest project in my portfolio so I think it deserves some extra presentation. However I want to keep things relatively simple:

Pong Blogger

I'm considering making the Pong variations I have produced into some sort of project. For now, I have created a blog documenting a selection of the best of these and made them available for download there via my website.

Pong Blogger

On the other hand, their association with the MTV brief may ensure they become fixed with that.

Monday, 17 December 2007

Phoneline visuals

The phoneline interface is pretty much complete. I have cut the number of questions to 7 as I felt nine was bit long. Only one problem remains - I'm having some trouble with the coding; I cannot make it so that and functions work. It kind of does but constantly jumps to the same frame, effectively freezing the thing.

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Probe Records - Ecard thingy

Spent this weekend wrapping up the Probe website. It isn't complete yet and I don't plan to - this will only be a demonstration of some of the functionalities. That said I will try and work on it to the best of my ability/patience.

A portfolio website

Been thinking about some possibilities for a portfolio website. There's a few themes emerging from some of the work I've already done but it would be good to limit those to their individual project pages. I think I'll probably come up with a new idea for an overall site design.
I set up an online bank account this weekend so I'll be able to purchase some webspace and a domain name rather than my Blueyonder hosted current website.

I've been exploring the idea of making my own Mario Flash game. This could form a navigation interface for the website or maybe even be worked into the MTV brief (though to be honest I think I've got enough material for that now). I've hit a bit of a wall with it so I think I'll leave this for now, maybe.

PAL - The Friendly Political Advice line

The visuals for the political advice line are beginning to take shape now. I've got the interaface mocked up and tomorrow I will start to put the script into an audio file to be inserted into the Flash project.

Friday, 7 December 2007

Pong whiteboard animation

It seems someone has beat me to the the Pong whiteboard animation idea. This is pretty basic though, probably knocked up in less than an hour as a test. I'll be looking to create something a bit better than this for my video game.

Last night I did some test shots for the Office Pong game and I plan to put these into a test Flash file. If it's good enough I will use it as my final piece, perhaps shooting some better animated bits later on.

Meanwhile, a more advanced Pong animation that is actually interactive is being developed by 'Roo Reynolds' on Flickr. In it he uses some whiteboard dusters as paddles. Looks quite fun, don't know if the paddles can move horizontally as well as vertically as suggested in the image, though.

Thursday, 6 December 2007

To do checklist

There is about a month left to get first semester projects finished and portfolios sorted. I still have to:

Updated 16/11
  • GARP - priority. Complete appendix and do some read throughs. Continue to expand/refine as necessary. Print on b/w printer and bind with two bits of card. - Done. Didn't bother with the card and colour print cost too much.
  • MTV - Space Invaders and Pong video games - create. Animations are pretty much done, only need to add some website addresses to the end of them.
  • Probe Records - continue to work on the interactive side of the website. Demonstrate some of the functions but don't spend too much time on this bit. Should take about a day.
  • Shrinking Cities - shorten the video and edit out some of the poorly synched bits - wide shots. Shouldn't take long, about 2 hours at the very most. - Done
  • The fourth project (Phone line). Refine scripts then record. All but done, just a coding glitch
After these are finished I will work on my print portfolio presentation. I will continue to use the A4 format and keep the same layout from second year, for now at least. I plan to do this after the Christmas break.

Proposed schedule for the next week.
  • Friday - Slide lecture. GARP, MTV. Probe, maybe.
  • Monday - GARP, Shrinking Cities (draw to a close). Begin a CD ROM presentation folder.
  • Tuesday - GARP, MTV. Phone line script.
  • Wednesday - GARP presentation. MTV.
  • Thurs - GARP hand in (finished). Phone line, MTV
  • Friday - Phone line, MTV if not yet finished.

Political vote selector

I have decided the idea for a political phone line that advises callers on who to vote will be a project in its own right, making it the fourth of the four projects this semester. It is a Shrinking Cities spin off in its use of the phone line but otherwise is quite different.

I don't expect this project to take as long as the other projects as I am already about ready to start implementing. I need to revise and refine the script a few times, then:
  • Film/photograph a phone situation
  • Make a series of audio recordings of the script and split them into sections
  • Put the above into an interactive Flash file where the actual phone line can be used
Presentation will take the form of a script and visuals from the interactive piece.

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Proposal for extension of Shrinking Cities project

I want to take the idea of telephone lines a bit further. It would be good if users could actually use the phoneline.

A simple graphic layout is outlined in this diagram. The phone would be situated in the centre but people could click on other areas of the room to explore. This would be a simple way of organising and presenting some of the other work I've done for this project:
  • Computer: Website homepage
  • Phone: Rubbish phone line
  • TV: Call to LMB Video
  • Paper rack: LMB Application forms.
Of course, if I decide to go along the political phone line idea that might have to have its own simple stand alone static piece.

Thursday, 29 November 2007


Breakout is the 'cousin' of Pong. It's a bit more advanced and involves blasting blocks rather than your opponent. Here's a video demonstrating the aesthetic of the original(?)

I want to use the game in my whiteboard anim. It might not be as faithful to the aesthetic as the Pong animation but will certainly have the essence of it.

On a lighter note, a Japanese 'human' version of Breakout. Not as smooth as I want mine to be though.

MTV 'Retro' series

I've set myself a week to finish the Virus project, I want to get it done by Thursday or Friday, giving myself a day or two to work on the Probe and Shrinking Cities projects a bit more. I anticipate these will take a few days only so it's no big deal if I can only get this project sorted for Friday.

Project elements
  • Pong. I will either clean up the viral and record it or pursue the interactive element. Maybe both, if I have time.
  • Space Invaders (Space Invades!) The Flash animation is coming along nicely and I'll continue to work on it.
  • Breakout. This will be a whiteboard animation involving an office situation and post t notes as breakout blocks. I want to get this sorted on Friday, if possible.
This will make a nice series of three animations/2 anims and an interactive piece. Should the whiteboard anim fail I will pursue both the interactive and video Pong elements.

Two of the stings are currently around 30 seconds. A bit long for a sting, I would say. In addition, the Breakout one will need to be fairly long, I will aim for 30 seconds for that too in order to achieve some consistency.

I envisage these to be buffering stings/ads on the MTV Overdrive site. They could also be good for general web promotion, YouTube etc. Dunno about TV quality though, might not be good enough for that.

Whiteboard animations

I was intrigued by some of the stuff at this week's video showing, especially a whiteboard animation.

This was the video shown. The 'Hitch Hikers Choice' is a really fast moving, throbbing animation made of weird drawings which morph into animals and other strange beings. It's brilliant, some bits are genius, mesmerising. I also like the roughness, especially the presence of the hands which interact with the animation.

This was made by a German teacher who uses the character 'Lenny' in his lessons. I particularly like the animator's presence in this, he's kind of on the peripherary almost as if the computer he's capturing on is just to the right of shot. Sometimes he moves to the centre to interact with Lenny which takes animator participation one step further. The home made sound track really fits with the visuals, as well.

This short video is a bit closer to what I intend to do - use the video game idea. Hand Pong is mostly hand animated against a whiteboard but also adds some computer editing for the ball. This keeps the aesthetic, mostly and is a quicker and easier way of adding fast moving objects. Something worth considering, especially if I can't get any help with animating.

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Flash animation

Been looking at the possibility of creating an animation/moving image piece. This would most likely be in Flash but we'll see how it goes. A few good related animations about, including this one from Weebl's Stuff which is very well done I think. Elements such as camera angles can be taken from this and placed into the glitching/virus interacting with the computer screen.
  • Humour Pong: a great little take on Pong.
  • There's a nice emulation of Space Invaders here.
I like the idea of the gun spaceship from the game smashing up a web page trying to get enemies which appear from different corners of the page unexpectedly.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007


Pong, the first commercially popular interactive video game. An icon of the 20th century, so often imitated yet, some claim, never bettered.

Andy Roddick vs. Pong. A nice contrast of the real life and fantasy, of 1970s and 2000s culture. It places Pong into the real world: I will be doing the opposite of this, that is, bringing the real world into Pong, to an extent.

Plasma Pong. A new twist on the Pong theme. It's actually more akin to a game of blow football that utilises the aesthetics of modern technology to bring Pong up to date for the here and now.

An alcoholic drinks ad. Blends football and tennis in a new version of the game. Nice use of animation as well. Doubles Pong?

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Boring games

The basic idea is to take something boring and make it more interesting. Well, you can't get much more boring than mowing the lawn:

I love the British sense of humour. "Award yourself a corned beef sandwich" is one of the best lines from any game. Monotony can sometimes be interesting, you know. But, I'm not sure if 'Advanced Lawnmower Simulator' would be well known enough to be applied to an MTV advert, not least because its target audience probably won't remember the Spectrum. Heck, I'm not.

Might be best to stick with the classics.

Monday, 19 November 2007

New Brief: MTV 'Virus'

For my next project, I have chosen to do a brief from the D&AD website, namely one for MTV. The premise is that 'MTV is a virus' and it invades a space, physical or conceptual, corrupting it.

Link to brief

Drawn up a few initial ideas. The best so far is the idea that a (relatively) boring situation is livened up by introduction of the virus. These would be applied to a series of old arcade video games or other slightly outdated technology, such as teletext, either in a series or all in one piece. The 'virus' would change depending on the format but it would be good to have some consistency there (eg. virus makes a bunch of pixellated smiley faces appear). I envisage that to be a Flash animation but I'm sure things will change as I work through the idea. I'll speak to tutors and get some idea of how effective the idea is. I could transpire that it's a bit clichéd but I think I could make it work. Perhaps some animated gifs for a web banner might work equally but I'll work through the idea first.

I want to get to implementation as quickly as possible with this project. That means this week, hopefully Wednesday or Thursday.

Thursday, 15 November 2007

UK Immigration

Since the idea of the Liverpool Migration Board is not really tight enough with regards to its message, maybe it would be easier to directly parody an existing organisation in order to convey the sense of confusion in immigration. The natural thing would be to broaden this to a UK-wide thing rather than just Liverpool. This would be deviating from the brief somewhat but it would be a case of 'rewriting' it to suit my tastes.

After discussion with tutors, decided that the automated phone line idea has some mileage, so will be worth pursuing up until the final, set in stone deadline.

Some initial research

Since I don't know much about politics and the subject of immigration I needed to look into the subject more.
  • UK Parties' views on immigration. This seems to be a hot topic in politics right now and the three major parties each have a unique set of views. These are great for parodying as they are all distinctly different, perfect for applying to a selection of three answers to a question. For example: what are your views on immigration? 1) let them all in (Labour) 2) stop them coming in (Conservative) and 3) don't care (Lib Dem).
  • Immigration rules. Secondly, what are the rules for immigration in the UK? There are actually lots and lots of rules and stipulations, the very fact of which can perhaps be applied to a very long automated phone service with endless questions. Alternatively, the different areas can be picked out and worked on to express three (or more) very different views. This idea of compartmentalising answers to very open ended questions can be developed to give humorous results.
  • The UK Immigration service is the operational arm of the UK Border and Immigration Agency which specialises in Border control and Enforcement and Removals. This would be the UK-wide version of the Liverpool Migration Board and would be more politically relevant.
  • Home Office Watch. Even the Home Office make mistakes.
  • Political Party views. A more extended version of the first bullet point with more topic for discussion. These can be converted to a cynical set of answers that fit into the Lib Dem, Labour and Conservative ways of thinking.

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Probe presentation revisited

Went back to the Probe project today, putting together three A4 pages for my portfolio. Of course, these will need to be reformatted to fit the layout of my existing sheets in the portfolio but at least now things are coming along. If I were to include this as a project in my actual portfolio, though, I would need to have at least five more sheets to meet the requirement!

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

More Probe mockups

Spent the afternoon doing some more visual mockups for the Probe website. These will be used in my presentation sheets, which I hope to create for tomorrow afternoon's PDP session. By then, I should be able to overhaul at least a couple of the existing A3 sheets and resize them for my A4 portfolio:
  • Site map, including the aforementioned screen grabs. Will be more precise and technical than the previous piece, including a number of screenshots and a slightly more complex structure.
  • Screen explanation. This will basically be implanting one of my new screen shots onto the old idea. Will include some text to get across the reason for various decisions such as the chat box and the direct links. May spill over into two page spread or even be in A3. Could perhaps be explained over two pages with two relevant screenshots to split some of the information up.
This will at least give me two or three pages for my portfolio.

Monday, 12 November 2007

Filming and editing

Over the weekend, got the chance to film and edit some footage. For tomorrow's hand in I have a piece that I would say is 90% complete; in parts the sound doesn't sync very well with the footage (a hazard of doing voiceovers); in addition there are a couple of continuity issues to iron out. Hopefully another day's editing will sort this but I won't get the chance to do so until the weekend: I have edited and captured the footage on my home PC and I would have to edit the whole thing from scratch again if I wanted to edit at Uni. Anyhow, I am reasonably satisfied with my weekend's work.

Friday, 9 November 2007

Phone Box

The script I have written takes place in a phone box. To get a bit of background on shots and angles, I looked at some existing examples of this technique in film making.
Larry Cohen originally pitched the concept of a film that takes place entirely within a phone booth to Alfred Hitchcock in the 1960s. Hitchcock liked the idea, but he and Cohen were unable to figure out a plot reason for keeping the film confined to a booth and hence Hitchcock never made the idea into a film. Cohen picked the idea up again in the late 1990s when the idea of the sniper came to him.
The most recent example of a major movie featuring a phone box was Phone Booth. The idea of making a whole movie based around a phone box requires a lot of thought because it will obviously so hard to keep people's attention. The film uses many different camera angles and techniques.

In this sample clip from the film, there are lots of close-up facial shots but they still have parts of the booth visible. There are also some 'boxes' which appear in the top corner showing action on the other end of the phone line, meaning action is split and the camera never has to move from the actor's face (right).

For my piece, there would be no need to overuse this kind of effect but it might be good to see what it might look like. The background is also blurred, I will look into how I might achieve this in my version.

Obviously my version is going to be less dramatic. I plan to use a number of angles focusing on different areas of the phone box, capturing the actor's facial expressions and reactions, their body language (he will get more fidgety as the piece progresses) etc. So, I will use a mix of facial shots, side on angles and so on to give the piece some variety. Influences will include home made videos and CCTV but I don't necessarily want the piece to look like either of these - I want to keep the camera as still as possible, cutting between close ups, wide angles and of course the interior (office shots) spliced in between.

Wednesday, 7 November 2007


Wrote some scripts under the premise that I will produce a series of radio sketches/adverts. Then selected the best of these to develop into a full scale sketch. This could be presented as a radio advert, as intended, or perhaps developed into a film/advert.

Discussed idea with tutors who suggested maybe doing a short film with static shots of the print media with overlays of the telephone conversation. This could work: if I have time, I could take the recorded versions of the script (meant for the radio) and put them over the top of a Flash/jazzy filmed piece. I wonder if they use a special camera when they film those scrolling pans for Watchdog? You can't really read the thing on screen as it only ever shows part of the letter but it's great for illustrative purposes. This could go along with a few whole shots of the letter/print media and some close ups of important parts of the recording/transcript.

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

User feedback forms

I hope to get some ideas for layouts by looking at some other user satisfaction forms. These are mostly in HTML but I will consider using Flash for mine. Some reference points for typical form arrangements I may look to replicate.

UBC Library
MCU Service
LSE language centre form

Monday, 5 November 2007

Presentation formats

The brief states this project must be documented by at least 4 A3 sheets of paper. I have not quite decided what I will go for with regards to direction, which could be one or a number of the following:
  • LMB website - page mockups
  • LMB Official forms - variations
  • Charts and graphs: results of fake survey
  • Telephone hotline - scripts/sketches
  • Installation including physical telephone and forms
  • Script for a short informational film
I haven't decided which of these I will push forward with but by tomorrow afternoon I will hopefully have a better idea which path I will choose. I will begin by producing variations which, if all goes to plan, will form the presentation sheets themselves.

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Online forms

I could take the printed form idea further by converting them/creating them for the online format. Continuting in the same vein as the printed forms, these would start out serious and have progressively pointless and stupid questions, from semi relevant in questions like 'have you ever faked your CV to get a job?' to the totally irrelevant, such as 'what is your favourite food'. There is the potential for humour here, especially if I were to include close-ended questions with limited responses.

With these, it would be a combination of the questions and the design of the form that would make it work as a project. This could be carried out in Flash, where the form's reactions to responses could be 'intelligent', or straight Q&A in HTML. There is also the option to transpose these to formats such as telephone call centre automated lines. For example:
"What is your favourite food? Press one for steak and kidney pie. Press two for bangers and mash. Press three for some cheap foreign muck. Press four for human flesh. Press five for I do not eat. Press six if all of the above. Press seven to quit. Press eight to hold on the line and complain to someone about the stupidity of these questions..."

"You have pressed eight. Please hold. [Cheesy muzak]"
"Yeah, can I order a pizza with cheese please?"
This would obviously have much fewer questions as I could see the person listening getting bored. If it were a gallery installation, however, people could 'drop in' on the situation, complete with phone left off the hook which people could pick up and interact with; only nothing happens if you press the buttons.

If it were a printed form, I could take things to the other extreme, such as in this Mexican immigration form, which asks for things like 'distinguishing marks', 'colour of eyes' and 'size of nose'!

Friday, 2 November 2007

Liverpool Migration Board - about

The Liverpool Migration Board is a (fictional) organisation set up to manage migration/immigration in the city of Liverpool. It is a faceless corporate entity that, to the people, is represented by forms, annoying call centres and so on. It creates an atmosphere of formality, of regulation around the city's migration, much like a national migration board would.

Introduced by the city council to try and keep people in the city, the organisation would, like a real migration board, provide help to those travelling or intending to travel to or from the city of Liverpool. There is, however, a natural bias towards keeping people in the city.

The board is the result of taking the idea of migration away from Liverpool to the extreme. Should figures continue as they are heading, the city will be deserted by the end of the century. Whilst this is unlikely, the hypothetical situation is that it is in the council's best interests to keep people in the city, thus the reason for introducing formal measures to keep people in the city. As a result, though, the people of Liverpool become increasingly alienated and oppressed by these regulations, and as the travel and tourism industry takes over manual labour work poor citizens are forced to go on the dole. This will be expressed in the forms they complete, with some people counting 'television watching' as a professional occupation.

Should this be taken to the ultimate extreme, Liverpool would become a fortress with perimeter control and border patrol guards. I don't necessarily want to go that far, however.

As for the badge, of which examples can be found in this post, it's supposed to be the liver bird flying away from its position on the liver building. Yes, it may be a bit clichéd but it would suit the organisation which is supposed to be corporate and boring. I think I prefer the one without the outer circle (left).

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Form - revised rough version

A revised Photoshop version of the application form. Will link in with the statistics page, which will reflect some of the so called 'results of the survey'. Maybe I could get people to imagine themselves as a particular Liverpudlian icons and fill in the forms? These wouldn't have to affect the results, necessarily but it would be good to see what inventive stuff other people could come up with.

Perhaps the form could be recreated for an online format and people are actually encouraged to fill in the form, assuming a character leaving the city. If they participate, that could potentially be very interesting. Won't be achieving much, though, but then again it is art meant for an exhibition, which I suppose is meant to make you think.

LMB - the organisation. Thoughts, in no particular order.
  • Banner ads - Internet presence
  • Name tags and badges
  • Workers - guys in suits with clipboards.
    • In actuality, just like Men In Black. Orwellian?
  • Faceless organisation.
  • Corporate presence - formality.
  • Political aspects. Corruptibility.
  • A bunch of informational icons to be placed in various locations, designed by the LMB? Or, as a reaction to/extension of these, public parodies/parody organisations. - a rough layout

Been working on some layouts for a possible LBM website. Started with the idea that the 'web is about function, not design', as someone once said, drafted a rough design for a simple web site. Above left: the original rough layout file. Above right: site taken into a GUI HTML editor. Note the Scouse language version of the HTML site. In addition, I wasn't sure the Georgia typeface was necessarily the most suitable for the site; it may be good for the forms but for ease of reading I want to go with a sans serif font. I'm not sure about the Verdana face I used here, though.

The map of Liverpool I propose to include will be simply location maps of all pubs and chippies in the city. Another thing that makes you go 'ha', then want to view another page probably. Another aspect of the throwaway nature I want the site to have.

The idea behind the site would be to house any other work I produce, such as the statistics and downloadable forms, a shell, if you like. Not sure if I'd get to do all the elements, which is one reason I want to keep the design simple.

Next week I will concentrate on producing some final media for the site: forms and graphs etc. Some discussion with tutors will be helpful in selecting what to press ahead with. On Tuesday, there will be a week left to finish the work and to produce some A3 presentation sheets for the portfolio.


Website research

Developing the identity of the fictitious Liverpool Migration Board.

Swedish Migration Board official website
[ Wikipedia entry ]

"The Migration Board is Sweden’s central government authority for aliens affairs."
It seems that other countries actually have entities such as this. Of main importance are the applications for visas and how to get Swedish citizenship. The Liverpool Migration Board will take a similar stance to people entering Liverpool but I don't think I'll delve too deep into this area.

What I am interested in are the application forms, info material and statistics. There's a whole load of lists and tables of information on people coming into and leaving the country. After all, this is one of the areas I plan to look at. The LMB will concentrate more on people leaving Liverpool, I think.

You can get the site translated into all sorts of languages. Maybe I need to do a Scouse translation version of the site like the Visit Wales website has with Welsh and English.

International Organisation for Migration

This is a more general site catering for international migrants worldwide. There's also news stories and a whole load of statistics as you might expect. This news story focuses on Internet fraud and has a whole list of fake migration board names! Some examples:
  • Universal Programme for Humanitarian Employment and Resettlement Agencies (UPHERA)
  • Global Intercontinental Exchange Programme (GIEP)
  • Global Committee on Refugee and Humanitarian Agencies (GCRHA)
  • Canadian Alien Workers Recruitment Agency (CAWRA)
This is a potentially untapped area for parody. Even though the LMB itself will be fake, and obviously so in order to avoid legal complications, it could offer advice on how to avoid fake migration boards! How ironic.

Or, perhaps it could distribute its own fake LMB letters and emails (hypothetically, of course) to those who might be interested in migrating, complete with rubbish, barely readable Scouse dialect and spellings. "A'right, la'. A's gorran offer f'yers...", signed "Little Jimmer".

Graphs and statistics

To compliment the forms, some method of presenting the results would be good. Graphs would be a great way of doing this, even if not many of the questions on the form are actually quantitative. I'd be bending the rules a bit with this but I suppose with parody you can get away with that sort of thing. Above is a series of tests made in Photoshop and Microsoft Excel to see what kind of presentation might work.

I like the idea of questionnaires providing humour. Whenever I try to complete one I always get bored and become tempted to write silly answers. Imagine if a whole town did this and you will begin to understand what I am trying to present. The idea actually came from looking at some of the statistics on the National Statistics website. Why not spice up a fairly boring presentation method with a bit of irreverence?

I'm working on some inventive occupations which could also be presented in this manner. The graphs could be reproduced for the web, print or other media, depending on what I decide to do. It would be good to design some pages from the Liverpool Migration Board which this data and some of the other ideas can be presented in - it could bring the work together under one umbrella, if you like. One of the pages could be 'Under Construction because the webmaster has permanently moved to Barbados' or something.